Printing & Books in Early Modern Europe – a bibliography

I recently started teaching a new module on printing and books in early modern Europe – my dream module. This is a one-semester module taught through 11 two-hour long seminars, and the module includes sessions in Special Collections at the Brotherton library, and visits to the Leeds Library and to the Centre for the Comparative History of Print/School of English Print Room. As part of the preparation, I had to get together a bibliography, and – acknowledging that my knowledge is weighted towards France and the sixteenth century – I turned to Twitter for help. And as I have so often found, the #twitterstorians did not let me down. I promised I would make that bibliography public – well, four weeks into term, I’ve finally got round to it.


Thank you to everyone who got in touch – your help and suggestions are already paying off massively for me and my students. As well as many individual contributions, I found Sarah Werner‘s Books and Early Modern Culture site invaluable, and I would like to thank her for being so publicly generous with her expertise.

This clearly isn’t an exhaustive bibliography, and I expect to add to it over the years. There are also likely to be a few typos and Leeds specific notes in there – mea culpa… Please do let me know of any things you would add and if you find this helpful- and wherever possible, please do acknowledge reuse of this material.



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Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Leeds. Interested in all things early modern, European, news & print-culture and higher ed teaching related.

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